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Friday, February 10, 2012

what to bring...

The question has been posed "What do I need to bring to Masterclass 1/2?"

+ your favourite paints - the recommended list of colours includes, but is not limited to (neither are they mandatory!): GW - mithril silver, boltgun metal, burnished gold, P3 - sanguine base, cryx bane base, exile blue, menoth white highlight, ryn flesh, cygnus yellow, cygnar blue base, khador red, rucksack tan frostbite, coal black and Umbral Umber.
Gamestars will have most of these in stock.

+ good quality brushes - we will be be providing each participant with one Raphael 8404, size 0 paint brush. These are Mathieu's "weapon of choice" and are wonderful brushes - I use them too!
MC2 participants will also be provided with a weathering brush.

+ a wet palette - don't worry if you don't have one, we can make "poor man" ones in class, but if you have one bring it. We do NOT recommend the one by a company that has the initials PP... the foam is packing foam, not sponge foam! Also, many of the art ones come with palette paper that requires boiling to activate - avoid this stuff! We will supply parchment paper.

+ a light - lighting is good in the store, but a table top lamp with a full spectrum bulb adds to the ambiance. If you bring one, please bring a power bar! I will be running power cable to the tables, but they have limited sockets.

+ for MC2 - if you have an airbrush and compressor feel free to bring it. This is not mandatory.
Please do not bring industrial compressors...

+ cash - Gamestars is a great store; spend money there! They have a large selection of drinks and snacks available for purchase. We will also be going out to eat - lots of places around the store for food. As a courtesy to the store, please do not bring you own drinks in during class.

+ we will be supplying almost everything else; model (Ogre for MC1, Hellion for MC2), primer, cups, parchment paper, weathering materials for MC2 etc.
If I think of anything else, I'll update this page.


  1. Would you recommend getting a wet palette and/or light if you don't already have one? (I have a decent light at home, but I wouldn't call it portable).

  2. For the wet palette we will be providing the homemade version which works great but, if you prefer, you can get one from any art store. As for the light it is highly recommended you bring one. A desk lamp with a daylight bulb does the trick. 20$ at any Staples. See you guys in 2 weeks!