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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Masterclass Two - done!

Another awesome two days of instruction from Mathieu was given this weekend. We left the classes yet again amazed, inspired and excited to back to our models.
As I was actually a student in this class I was able to take pictures of the model and base we worked on.
If the week's work (I have a bit of catching up to do!) permits I will blog my personal experiences.

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  1. Check out www.artistsupplies.com

    They have a store at 2567 Lougheed Highway.

    I was there today. They sell Iwata and Paesche airbrushes and compressors. They have lots of airbrush supplies (not as much as chicago airbrush, but I think whatever you need they could get).

    They also had the oil paints that we used this past weekend. They don't carry Raphael brushes but they do have a good selection of other brands of kolinsky sable brushes.

    It's minutes from my house and I've been meaning to check it out. I was definitely impressed.